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About Child Abuse Support

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Child Abuse Prevention Through Proper Awareness


Among the first things you should know about child abuse is that fundamentally, there are four kinds of them and they all have different symptoms that may not always be visible. As you know, much action are being taken in order to make this social problem stop but despite all the efforts, it still persists. As you read on, you will find the major classifications of child abuse and what you should see as symptoms.


One of the most common is called physical abuse where the child is inflicted with physical pain. It doesn't matter if you did it intentionally or not, when a child suffers from physical contact by your hand, it will then be considered fundamentalist or child abuse.


When it comes to corrective punishment and physical abuse, you should know that there is a distinct difference. It is child abuse when due to physical aggression, the child is injured. In corrective measure, inflicting pain but not to cause injury is often called physical punishment.


Being very timid when the abuser is around is usually the behavior of children who have been abused physically. Some of the behavioral symptoms include being afraid of adults and strong resistance to go home while some are physical manifestations.


Because of the many forms it can take, anticipating sexual abuse can be a real challenge. When an adult commits an act of sexual manner of any kind to a child, it's already a sexual abuse. Rape, fondling, child prostitution and pornography and the likes are all acts that are considered to be child sexual abuse.


Being interested in sexual acts, having a seductive behavior, or being really afraid of a certain person in the family are all possible signs that a child may have been abused sexually.


Another abuse that is also known as verbal, psychological and mental abuse is one called emotional abuse and this one has more devastating effects in the long run than most types of abuse. When people are not acting according to the well-being of the child's mental development, mental abuse is already taking place. Children, particularly those who are exposed to verbal insults usually behave disturbingly. You can also learn more ways to prevent child abuse by checking out the post at


You will find that neglect is the kind of abuse that is the most widespread. Even if you combine the number of children who suffer from the physical and sexual abuse, the number won't even come close to the children who suffer from neglect. This happens when the parent or guardian does nothing to ensure that the child's well-being is being taken care of. Emotional abuse is often the link of neglect. When children are constantly hungry and dirty, they are often considered to be neglect abuse candidates. Read more about gay to straight infomration.